Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC

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Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC

*Corrosion/Water/Shock Resistance
*Life Time Warranty for CREE LED
*Hyper Bright CREE 5W LED
*Rechargeable Li-ion Battery :3500mAh
*2000 Meters coverage
*190-220 Lumens
*Charging Time:8-9 Hours
*Operation time:3-4 Hours
*Machined Aircraft Aluminium Body
*Transformer charging
*Rubber button
*Unbreakable front cover

A high power flashlight is always an essential thing for our home. It will be more preferred if you have an LED flashlight. We all know that the brightness of LED lights is higher than the normal CFL lamps. The Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC can be the best choice for you. With its hyper bright Cree LED and 32500 meters of coverage, this is one of the finest rechargeable flashlights in the market. Let’s pay attention to the features of the product


The main body of the flashlight is made with aluminum and it has a rubber button. Hence, the body is completely Corrosion free, water resistant and shock proof. It is a very good choice for camping and adventure.


Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC has 3500 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery. It has the transformer charging facility, hence, you don’t have to worry about voltage fluctuation while charging the flashlight. It takes 8-9 hours to charge the battery completely and it serves you with 3-4 hours of full powered light.


Belaco provides you with 1 year of warranty for the light, battery and transformer cord. for the CREE LED light, the company provides lifetime warranty.

The front cover is unbreakable. Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC has 5W hyper bright LED which covers 2000 meters of clear vision. The electricity required for charging is 500 mA and the voltage capacity of the product is 4.2 V.

So as a whole, Belaco BFL-3T Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3SC is here to provide you with lots of facilities. In camping or adventure night out when you are sleeping in a tent under the open sky, you always need a larger and brighter vision from your flashlight. This one gives you exactly what you want.

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