Belaco Electric Kettle BEK-103

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Belaco Electric Kettle

1. Voltage: 220V AC/ 50Hz
2. Power: 1350W
3. Function: (1)auto boiling,
(2)keep warm,
(3)Temperature setting (60℃-100℃ options)
4. Feacture: electric supply water
5. Kettle capacity: 1.0L
6. Stainless steel material kettle, and contain 1 glass kettle, 4 cups
7. Auto off-power switch
8. Temperature control protection
9. Base plate: glass panel, ABS cover baser
10. Water column use ABS material

Belaco Electric Kettle BEK103 is one of the best electric kettles in the market. Although the power consumption is a bit higher, but you must see that what facilities the product is offering. Electric kettle is an essential thing for everyday life. With this, you can do some things super fast like making tea and boiling water. Electric kettles have come up with different features now a days. BEK103 is one of those advanced featured kettles. Here are the features and specification of the kettle below:

Power Consumption

Comparing with BEK102, BEK103 has higher rate of power consumption. The voltage required is 220V AC. But, the power consumed by the electric kettle is 1350W.

The Kit

The entire kit contains one base with water supply column, one stainless steel kettle, one glass kettle and four glass cups. The base plate has the glass panel, the baser cover and water column are made with ABS material.


It has 3 main functions. First, it has the auto boiling feature. That means when the water is boiled properly, the kettle detects that and stops heating automatically. There some certain parameters set in the kettle in terms of temperature and pressure. Once the temperature of the water reaches the preset, the kettle stops heating. Second, Keep warm is another important feature. Suppose you have boiled a kettle of water in the Belaco Electric Kettle, but you are going to need it 15 minutes later. During that time the ‘Keep Warm’ feature of the kettle will not let the water cool down. It keeps the water hot for you. So when you are back after 15 minutes for the water, you will find that same hot water ready in the kettle. Third, temperature setting option can be used for both boiling and keep warm. The parameter given in the kettle is between 60 degree C to 100 degree C. You can also keep the water warm within that parameter of temperature.

Other features
  • The kettle has a water column that supplies automatically when needed.
  • The storage capacity of Belaco Electric Kettle BEK103 is 1.0 litre.
  • It has an auto switch of feature available. When the kettle is not boiling anything or not in Keep Warm mode, it stays powered on for some time and then it turns of automatically. This saves electricity for you.
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