Belaco Window Cleaner Cordless Handheld Rechargeable Glass Cleaner

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  • Report for battery: CE, CB, UL, UN38.3
  • SPE for adaptor: GS, CE, RoHS,SAA 
  • For product: CE, RoHS ,
  • For High Efficiency perpformance: ERP Approved


  • Water tank: 200ml
  • Normal voltage:3.6v
  • SEC: 5v--1000 mA  5w
  • The largest swept volume : 0.01Mpa
  • Operating time with full charge: 25~30 minutes
  • Charging current for empty battery :  2~3 hours

Operation & Function:

  • Absorbent of dirty water
  • Press the  the spray lever,  spray the water on window; water will make window cleaning easier and more efficient
  • Turn on the suction switch, use the wiper & suction head to clean the window meanwhile suck the dirty water from window into product. 
  • Clean window, table,leather sofa, floor any surface which can stand water. 
  • connect to steam cleaner,then use together

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