Electric Kettle BEK102

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Electric Kettle BEK102

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 220V AC/ 50Hz
2. Power: 600W
3. Keep warm power: 15W
4. Function: (1)auto boiling, keep warm, power setting(100W, 200W, 300W,400W,500W, 600W options)time moderator(1,2,3…30 mins adjustable)

Electric kettle is a very important kitchen appliance for every house. It can be use for a quick hot water or making tea or making preheated water for cooking and many more. Belaco’s model BEK102, the kettle is one of the finest electric kettles with lots of features in it. Here are the technical specifications first:

Technical Specifications

  • Due to a heat generating product, the electric kettle requires 220V AC for smooth running.
  • The power consumption of the kettle is 600W. This is pretty low. Hence, you can call it an economic electric appliance.
  • It has a keep warm facility and that feature requires 15 W of power consumption.
  • It has the power setting facility for boiling and ‘keep warm’. The power setting options are 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and 600W. you can also set timer from 1 minute to 30 minutes


  • Belaco provides 1 year of manufacturing warrant for any technical faults. No warranty will be approved for any broken part.
  • It has an auto power supply feature that fills the electric kettle automatically according to need. This water supply has rotation feature in it. So, you can fill the other kettle by rotating that.
  • Belaco Electric Kettle BEK102 has the steam heating system in it. The temperature of the steam depends on the pressure created inside the kettle.
  • The kettle can boil up to 1 litre at a time. But, its keep warm section is a bit smaller. That section can keep 0.8 litre of water warm. The keep warm facility can be divided according to the power. As ber you need you can set the power from 100W to 600W. also, you can keep it warm for 1 minute to 30 minutes. In spite of having the auto power of facility, the kettle will not turn off while the keep warm mode is on.
  • Belaco makes the kettle power saving by adding the auto power off feature in it. If the kettle is not in use for some time, it will automatically turned off. So, there will be no extra cost for electricity.
  • The kettle has the temperature control protection where you can control the temperature of the water according to your need.
  • The base part is made with stainless steel. It has glass panel on the base plate and it has ABS cover base.
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