Juicer Rechargeable 380 ml Belaco

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Juicer Rechargeable 380 ml Belaco

Technical Details –
Voltage: 7.4 V

Body capacity: 380 ml

plastic base glass body, Stainless steel blades

6 pecs blades

Battery capacity: 1500 meh *2, total 3000 meh

Power: 80 Watt 

USB charge interface

Working indicator

Double click switch start to work, With single click stop working .

All new Belaco Juicer rechargeable with 380 ml of Storage capacity. The model number is BHB01. A portable and rechargeable juicer blender is always a handy kitchen utensil for your daily routine. It makes all kinds of juices, shakes and smoothies for your daily breakfast. As it is not dependent on the direct power supply, you can easily make you orange, pineapple or watermelon juice while doing other important works also. Hence, this saves your time while you are in a hurry. this product is very good for your daily use.

Power Supply

The voltage usage for the this juicer blender is 7.4 V. The product is driven by battery hence the input power is to just charge the batteries which require power consumption of 80 Watt. Power consumption matters for any product. This juicer blender has a lower power consumption.


The baser is made with plastic. The main body section where the juice is being made is made with glass hence you will have a clear view of what and how is being made. It has 6 blades made with stainless steel. The glass body helps you to save some power as you can turn it off when you see the juice is done.

Battery and Charging

With the dual battery facility of 1500mAh each, this Juicer Rechargeable 380ml has the battery power of 3000 mAh. For charging of the batteries, it has USB charging facility. Hence, you can recharge it using your mobile charging adapter also. The main benefit of having the batteries is that the juicer can be carried to anywhere.

The product has light indicator that show whether the juicer is working or not. the juicer rechargeable 380ml also has a blending button. On double clicking the button, the blender starts working and a single click to stop it.

It has high powered blades made with stainless steel. It will not give you any trouble while making the juice.

Overall it is a very good product for domestic use. Due to recharging facility, the juicer rechargeable gives an added option to you to carry it while you going for a picnic, or camping or weekend trip.

The company is offering one year of manufacturing warranty for the product. The warranty will be given on technical faults. Belaco will not offer any warranty for broken body or baser.

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